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If you run a business without partners, and not as a limited company, then you are self employed and will need to declare your earnings through a tax return to HMRC.

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Simon Thandi, UK Landlord Tax

Hi, I’m Simon.

I’m one of the Directors of Fixed Fee Tax Returns. One of the most common questions I get asked is “Am I self-employed, or not?” If you run your own business through any structure other than a limited company, the answer is almost certainly “Yes” – which means you’ll need to complete a tax return.

Self-employment tax returns

As a guide, you’ll probably need to submit a self employed income tax return through self-assessment on or before midnight on 31 January if…

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You run your own business

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You aren’t in a partnership

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Your business isn’t incorporated (a limited company)

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You receive untaxed income, in the UK or overseas, from sources such as lettings

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You receive taxed interest, dividends or pensions and are a higher rate taxpayer

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You were paid for your work, even if you didn’t make a profit

Our tax service for the self-employed includes…

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Fixed fees – no hidden charges

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A straightforward, no-fuss process

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Management of routine queries from HMRC

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Claims for tax relief and allowable expenses

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Claims for any tax refund to which you might be entitled

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A friendly, named contact for all your contacts with us.

Fees for self-employed tax returns

Our lowest fixed fee for a self-employed tax return is based on you providing us with all the information we need, in good shape, when we need it. Other than that fairly reasonable request, there are no hidden charges, conditions or catches.

When you think about it, that’s a pretty amazing price to pay to have a fully-qualified UK accountant do the fiddly stuff on your behalf. That’s doubly true when you consider that we’ll almost certainly reduce your tax bill by more than the fee we charge. And, of course, that fee is tax deductible, too.

Starting at £200
(plus VAT)

Our fees for Self-employed

Business turnover of less than £85,000 from £200* to £520*
Business turnover more than £85,000 Please contact us for a fixed fee quote

* If your expenses are £1000 or less and you are claiming the trading allowance then the fee of £170 will apply. If your expenses are more than £1000 then our fee will be from £520.

In three easy steps your tax return will be completed by a qualified accountant


You get in touch

 We discuss your needs and will give you an accurate assessment of the service you need right away. It's absolutely free and you're under no obligation.


Send us your info

We then send an email to gather the personal financial information we need for your return, which you can send to us by email, post or through our secure portal.


Approve and submit

Your completed tax return is emailed to you along with a detailed tax computation. Once you've paid, we'll file the tax return electronically with HMRC.

Our experts are waiting to speak to you

Help with your self-employed self-assessment tax return

If our consultation call confirms that, yes, you do count as self-employed and, yes, you do need to submit a self-employment tax return, we’ll take over from there.

Your contact will work with you to gather the necessary information quickly and simply and then handle all the paperwork on your behalf. 

We’ll do all this online for maximum efficiency, communicating with you by phone and email only when necessary.

Your qualified Fixed Fee Tax Returns accountant will also make sure you pay no more tax than you need to by identifying reliefs and allowances you’re entitled to claim.

The emphasis throughout is on making life easy for you with a simple process and easy-to-understand charges. It’s about making sure compliance with the tax rules won’t take up more time than necessary so you can focus on doing your job and growing your business.

Are you prepared for Making Tax Digital?

MTD for VAT is already here

Businesses turning over £85,000+ already have to use MTD-compliant software to submit their VAT returns online.

MTD for all is coming soon

From 2026, unincorporated businesses and landlords turning over £50,000+ will have to be MTD-compliant.

It’s about more than software

Getting the right software is part of the solution but this is a fundamental change in the way businesses report and pay tax.

We can get you MTD ready

Talk to us about getting your business on the front foot so that Making Tax Digital isn't a headache you have to address in a panic.

The Next Step

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Our team is made up of accountants and tax advisers with years of experience in dealing with tax returns for self-employed business people.

If you’re looking for a low-cost approach to reducing the burden of completing your tax return, get in touch.

We’re more than happy to chat and to explain how our approach can save you time, money and stress.