Receipt Manager

Receipt Manager

You can simply use your phone to take a photo of a receipt. The App will ask you to categorise the bill or expense (.i.e. Travel Expenses or Accommodation etc) and then input any relevant data such as a receipt name or how you paid for the receipt, and then save. No more shoeboxes full of receipts!

Income Manager

The income manager works in the same way as the receipt manager, see details below. Simply open the App, take a photo, record the income, insert any notes, and it's immediately saved onto their device - no more lost income, or confused accounts at the end of the month.  You can then export the data anytime at the click of a button.

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Access The Receipt Manager

Accessing the Receipt Manager on your App is as easy, on your home page there will be an icon named 'Income & Expenditure'

Tap this icon and you will see two options, ‘Receipt Manager’ and 'Income Manager, select '‘Receipt Manager’ to begin using this tool.

Entering a Receipt

In the Receipt Manager section click the ‘Photograph a Receipt’ icon, select the category your receipt comes under, i.e. petrol would come under motor expenses.

Take a picture of your receipt that is clear enough to use for future reference, then enter an appropriate name for the receipt as well as the total cost of the item(s) on the receipt.

You can also enter whether the item(s) was paid for by yourself or your company as well as any notes you may want to add about the receipt.


  • You can disable the VAT element feature on the App if you wish so you are only entering the total amount of your receipt. To do so, go to the 'My settings' within 'Receipt Manager' and select 'Disable VAT'.

Managing a Receipt

To manage a receipt you have recorded, click ‘Manage Receipts’ in the Receipt Manager section, then select the category your receipt is in e:g; Travel Expenses or Motor Expenses.

Exporting Receipts

Exporting receipts is a very simple process, from the 'Receipt Manager' menu click ‘Export all Receipts’ icon.

Next, you select the range of dates from which you want the App to export all the receipts, i.e, for the tax year ending 5th April 2019, you would select 'Date From' as 06/04/2018 and 'Date To' as 05/04/2019. Then simply press the export button and select the email account you would like the data sent from, once this is chosen the data is sent as a CSV file to us.

Deleting Receipts

We do not advise deleting your receipts. However, if you need to do so then simply press the ‘Delete all Receipts’ icon and confirm that you wish to delete all of your receipts.

Once you have confirmed the App will notify you that it has deleted all of your receipts successfully.







It is your responsibility to keep records and you should wherever possible keep receipts/invoices for any expenses which you claim. Any income received in cash should also be recorded. Please ensure that you keep your records for at least five years and ten months after the end of the tax year.