Fixed fees.

Here’s our guarantee on fees. The fee we quote is the fee you pay. We always put it in writing and we do not charge anything over and above without your prior agreement.

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What you see is what you get

Our policy on fees is simple. They’re fixed.

You will find that they are amongst the most competitive you will find anywhere and don’t forget we offer a free consultation and confirm our fees to you before commencing any work.

We do not charge percentages or have ambiguous small print and you only pay after we have done the work.


See fees for :

Fees for Landlords Resident and Non Resident

TAX RETURNS Single Owner 2 Joint Owners
(e.g. Husband & Wife)
Non Resident Single Owner
Non Resident 2 Joint Owners
1 Property from £175 from £300 from £200 from £320
2 Properties from £200 from £330 from £250 from £380
3 Properties from £225 from £440 from £300 from £400
4 or more Properties Please contact for a fixed fee quote Please contact for a fixed fee quote Please contact for a fixed fee quote Please contact for a fixed fee quote

Fees for Partnerships

2 Partners 3 Partners
Partnership from £660* Please contact for a fixed fee quote

*This includes preparation of the partnership return and individual partners returns.

Fees for Self Employed


Self Employed
Turnover less than £85,000 from £200* to £520*
Turnover more than £85,000 Please contact for a fixed fee quote

*If your expenses are £1000 or less and you are claiming the trading allowance then the fee of £200 will apply. If your expenses are more than £1000 then our fee will be from £520.

Fees for Individuals

PAYE Income from £145*

*This is based on you providing us with your P60 and any P11d’s with no other sources of income or additional expenses.

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