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In three easy steps your tax return will be completed by a qualified accountant

Connect with us

The personal touch

Send us a quick message through this website or call us on 01902 711 370.

Your call or email will be picked up by one of our friendly accounts team who will get back to as quickly as possible. They’ll spend some time getting to understand your unique circumstances, talk through any areas that you’re particularly concerned about, discuss what records you’ve got to hand and answer any questions. Then they’ll give you a clear fixed-fee quote.

This exploratory conversation is absolutely free and puts you under no obligation to sign up. There’s no form filling either – you just to get a quote, as simple as that.


Send us your info

A flexible approach

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll send you an email giving you access to our secure portal where you can safely upload the financial information we need to complete your tax return.

Whatever format you keep your records in, whether it’s a spreadsheet, dedicated accounting software or even basic manual records, it’s easy to pass the information to us securely and safely.

We also understand that some people prefer to put hard copies in the post and that’s absolutely fine by us too. We’ll take just as much care of your paperwork as we do your digital records.

Approve & submit

Total transparency

Once we have all your information, we’ll work on getting your tax return completed as quickly as possible, taking care of all the quirks and complexities of the HMRC self-assessment process.

We’ll share your completed tax return in your portal along with a detailed breakdown of your tax computation – showing our workings, in other words – so you can feel 100% confident it’s all in order.

If you’re happy, all you need to do is agree the return and pay the fee we quoted at the start then we’ll file the tax return electronically via the government tax gateway.

Our tax return service is rated by happy clients


People across the UK want cheap tax returns, done without a hassle. They get exactly that from Fixed Fee Tax Returns, and our reviews prove it. Have a read, see what clients near you say about their experience with us and then give us a call.

Proven expertise on self-assessment tax

When writers at The Guardian wanted to talk about tax returns they came straight to us. As we always do, we gave clear, straight answers to the questions they asked on behalf of their readers.

The resulting article is a great read if you want a neat summary of all the issues, from how self-assessment works to finding the right accountant for you – and how much you ought to think about paying for a tax return service, too.

And remember, if you have questions that aren’t dealt with there, or want to get the latest advice, don't hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to talk tax returns, and not just with journalists from national newspapers.

The Guardian talks to Fixed Fee Tax Returns

Patrick Collinson and Jim Norton tell you how to find an accountant to do it for you – and how much you should pay.

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Professionalism at a fair price

We complete tax returns for private individuals, including non-resident expats, as well as business tax returns for sole trader and partnership professionals. If you're a doctor, landlord, construction contractor or in any line of work at all, we can help.