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How Much Does It Cost?

From just £125 Plus VAT*

This is based on you providing us with all the relevant information.

There are no strings attached or hidden charges and no upfront fees.

Rest assured, we are properly qualified and we’ll ensure your tax return or claim is completed accurately based on the information you provide us.  It's more than likely that we’ll save you more in tax than our charges and of course our charges are also tax deductible.

The Next Step

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Our team is made up of a chartered accountant and tax advisors with years of experience in dealing with returns for individuals. It's what we love doing. (We all have our calling in life..!)

So if you’re looking for a low cost alternative to pulling out your hair from the stress and worry of trying to complete your tax return, then get in touch.

We’re more than happy to have a chat and explain to you how we can ease the pain and take away the stress.
If you're an individual who needs to submit a tax return then you should file it with HMRC by 31st January after the end of the tax year which is 5th April.

As a guide if you are an individual you may need to submit a tax return if:-

You are a director of a company
You are an employee and you have received some benefits in kind
You are a partner in a business or a Limited Liability Partnership
You receive untaxed income from any source either in the UK or overseas for example lettings income.
You have received taxed interest, dividends or pensions and you are a higher rate taxpayer
You have made a Capital Gain which is more than the annual exemption.

So How Can We Help?
The first thing to do is to call us and have a quick chat to establish your needs.

If there is a requirement for you to submit  a tax return or you are entitled to make a claim, we take away the pain and stress by offering a low cost fixed fee service. It can all be done online and we guarantee a quick turnaround.

The process is quite simple and everything we do is aimed at helping you deal with your tax issues easily and without hassle.

We communicate with you by phone and email  to gather all the information we need. It's convenient and straight forward and you’re left to get on with your normal business knowing your affairs are being dealt with promptly and professionally.

Here's How It Works

Three Simple Steps

1.Get in touch with us through our website or call us.
2.We are real people…!  so we discuss your situation with you over the phone and then send you an email to gather information we need to complete your tax return.
3.Having received your information we complete your tax return and send out a copy to you by email together with our bill. We can even do it by post. Only if you are happy will we ask you to pay our bill and we then submit everything online to HMRC. If you're due a rebate we can even deduct our fee when your rebate is received.

It's as simple as that…!

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